Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Opening Slots for Education Course and Technical Course (Welding)

SEND A SOUL TO SCHOOL MOVEMENT announces the opening of two slots for an EDUCATION COURSE (one from Talibon and another one from Jagna) at Blessed Trinity College (BTC Talibon) and 20 slots (10, Talibon and 10, Jagna)for a TECHNICAL COURSE (Welding) [TESDA Jagna].


- a resident of Talibon or Jagna
- a Catholic of good standing
- a general average of at least 85% (80% for the technical course) in the fourth year high school card
- a high passing grade in the Blessed Trinity College Entrance Test; for the technical course, must pass the entrance examination of the Technical School chosen by the movement
- must come from a family whose income is not more than 30 thousand per annum
- must be single
- College age, that is, between 16-21
- for the technical course, between 21-30


- Application forms are available at the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Parish office, Talibon and at St. Michael de Archangel Parish office, Jagna
- Deadline for filing of application is on Sunday, May 13, 2007. Application Forms may be submitted to the designated Parish offices or to Dr. Edsyl Hormachuelos’ dental clinic for the Talibon applicants. Upon submission of Forms the applicant must bring the following:
- Two 2” x 2” recent ID pictures
- medical certificate, good moral standing (from school last attended), and a cetificate of good family background (from the Barangay Captain)
- certification as to landholdings and occupation of parents
- a photocopy of Form 137 A
- a DSWD certificate as indigent
- a recommendation from the Parish Priest, if possible.
- Must take the Blessed Trinity College entrance examinations that will begin on May 16, 2007; for the technical course entrance exam, still has to be seen
- Those who will pass the Blessed Trinity College entrance examination will undergo an interview on Saturday, May 19, 2007 @ 9 am at Talibon Pension House, for Talibon applicants. For Jagna applicants at the Parish Rectory, on a similar date. The interview also includes the applicants for the technical course.


- Tuition and miscellaneous privileges
- Provision for books and uniforms (school, P.E., CWTS)
- Board and lodging fees
- Monthly allowance

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g-jaw said...

Fr. D!... should I transfer my residency in order to avail a slot for next school year?, I plan to enroll either culinary arts or dressmaking, hehehehe…. (Just cracking some jokes after the serious comments I posted in the previous posted items.)