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The movement shall extend financial assistance to a deserving poor who wish to pursue College Education and Vocational Courses as defined hereunder.


This policy covers all the deserving poor of an organized chapter of the movement.


3.1 Board of Trustees is responsible to:

3.1.1 See to it that the rules as outlined herein shall be strictly observed by those who wish to avail of the program.

3.1.2 Evaluate and approve the recommendations of changes and revisions from the chapter.

3.1.3 Strictly implement the approved budget in coordination with Finance.

3.2 Officers In a Respective Chapter

3.2.1 Information Committee Provide proper and accurate information to those who seek clarification or who wish to inquire or get information concerning the program.

3.2.2 Screening Committee Facilitate in the screening of applicants. Approve the application of the deserving poor (scholar) in the chapter by ensuring that the course to which he/she will enroll in is somehow suitable to him/her.

3.2.3 Accounting/Finance is responsible to: Follow up and receive donations from donors. Monitor billing statements received from school and ensure timely payments.

3.3 The Scholar is responsible to:

3.3.1 Submit complete requirements (approved application form).

3.3.2 Submit study load after the enrolment and a copy of the course curriculum as needed.

3.3.3 Attend any required recollections or value formations.

3.3.4 Actively participate in any Church related activities especially during vacation time.

3.4 The Parents of the Scholars are responsible to:

3.4.1 Actively participate in any religious and socio-cultural activities.

3.4.2 Constantly support and follow up their children.

3.4.3 Attend any recollections and value formations organized by the movement for them.

3.4.4 Must join any Catholic religious organizations.

3.4.5 Shoulder any payment not included in the program.


4.1 College Education – Any two-year, four or five-year degree.

4.2 Vocational Course – Any TESDA accredited courses or courses offered by Trade Schools.

4.3 Deserving poor

4.3.1 The poor who has gone through the movement’s examination and investigation.

4.3.2 A resident of a place where a chapter has been organized.

4.3.3 With parents not earning more than 30 thousand per annum.

4.3.4 A high school graduate or who had been through college but stopped due to financial problems.

4.3.5 Must be single.

4.3.6 College age, that is, between 16-21. For the technical course between 21-30.

4.4 Enrolment cost – 100% tuition fee and miscellaneous fees which to be paid by the movement once per semester only during enrolment period.


5.1 The Scholar can avail of one (1) degree course only, either College Education or Vocational under the movement’s program.

5.2 The schools where the scholars can enroll are the following Bohol Tertiary Schools, namely: HNU, CVSCAFT (any campus), STI, Informatics, Crystal e College, UB and Blessed Trinity College (Talibon).

5.3 Application Requirements

5.3.1 Certification as to landholdings and occupation of parents.

5.3.2 Medical certificate, good moral standing (from school last attended), and a certificate of good family background (from the Barangay Captain).

5.3.3 A DSWD certificate as indigent.

5.3.4 Recommendation from the Parish Priest, if possible.

5.3.5 A photocopy of Form 137 A

5.3.6 Must pass a set of tests and interviews.

5.4 Once accepted, here are the following requirements

5.4.1 The scholar is expected to get at least a 2.0 average grade or its equivalent grading system of all subject enrolled per semester or not less than 2.5 per subject. Failure to comply will be subjected to the movement’s evaluation.

5.4.2 Any failing grade shall automatically dismiss the scholar from the program.
5.4.3 Strictly no withdrawal of subjects unless dissolved.

5.4.4 The scholar is allowed to enroll in one (1) course only. Shifting to another course is not allowed.

5.5 Expenses exclusion/inclusion by the movement’s program.

5.5.1 Inclusion – Tuition fees, laboratory fees, registration, miscellaneous fees which includes library, medical/dental, athletics, guidance and testing, audio/visual, exam supplies, student development/human resource development (counseling, training), cultural fees, publications, modernization/upgrading for the school amenities. Board and lodging fees, living allowance, books (only required textbooks), provision for uniforms, retreats, field trips (half amount only), review and board examination fees.

5.5.2 Exclusion – School activities (parties, outings, acquaintance), school projects, graduation fees, graduation related expenses including diploma fees, thesis materials and oral defense (if any), alumni membership fees, homecoming assessment, toga, yearbook, class ring and such related expenses not hereto identified.

5.6 The scholar shall submit to the chapter officers his/her grades before the opening of the next enrolment otherwise he/she shall not be qualified to enroll for the next semester.

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