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This Memorandum of Agreement is entered into by and among the Send a Soul to School (SSoS) Movement, Jagna Chapter, Jagna, Bohol, herein represented by Fr. Jose Conrado A. Estafia, herein referred to as the First Party and ____________________________________, the selected scholar of the First Party for the course of ____________________________________ at the (school)________________________________________________, (address of school)_______________________________________, herein to as the Second Party and _________________________________________________, parents (if none, guardians) of the Second Party.


Whereas, SSoS was established by its members for the purpose of helping deserving indigent students to complete a college or vocational course they are capable of as well as to give spiritual and value formations to scholars and their families and to donors and members of the movement;
Whereas, to ensure successful implementation of this program, hereunder are the duties and responsibilities of each parties which they agree voluntarily;


1. Submit complete requirements;
2. Submit study load after the enrolment and a copy of the course curriculum as needed;
3. Attend any required recollection, value formation seminars and trainings;
4. Actively participate in any church-related activities especially during vacation time as required by the movement;
5. Support the SSoS movement after graduation and having found employment by becoming the future donors and contribute a minimum of OneThousand Pesos (P 1, 000.00) per semester;
6. Refund the movement of all expenses made if the scholar fails to finish his/her course without valid reason;
7. The scholar is expected to get an average grade of at least 85 or its equivalent grading system of all subjects enrolled per semester or not less than 80 or its equivalent per subject. Failure to comply will be subjected to the movement’s evaluation;
8. Any failing grade shall automatically dismiss the scholar from the program;
9. Strictly no withdrawal of subjects;
10. The scholar is allowed to enroll in one (1) course only and shifting to another course is not allowed.


1. To actively participate in any religious and socio-cultural activities as required by the movement;
2. To constantly support and follow-up their children;
3. To attend Sunday masses, join religious organizations and actively participate in any recollection and value formation seminars and trainings organized by the movement;
4. Shoulder other expenses and payments of the scholar not included in the program.


1. Shoulders and pays the tuition fees, laboratory fees, registration, miscellaneous fees which includes library, medical/dental, athletics, guidance and testing, audio/visual, exam supplies, student development/human resource development (counseling, training), cultural fees, publications, modernization/upgrading for the school amenities. The movement also shoulders the following: board and lodging fees, living allowance, books (only required textbooks), provision for uniforms, retreats, field trips (half amount only), review and board examination fees.
2. The following fees are excluded from the movement’s responsibility: school activities (parties, outings, acquaintance), school projects, graduation fees, graduation related expenses including diploma fees, thesis materials and oral defense (if any), alumni membership fees, homecoming assessment, toga, yearbook, class ring and such related expenses not hereto identified.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereunto affix their signatures this ___________ day of _________________, 2007 at Jagna, Bohol, Philippines.

Name of Scholar


Fr. Jose Conrado A. Estafia
SSoS Founder


fr. edward said...

Dong, padayon sa imo gibuhat. We need men and women who will stand up stubbornly for justice, truth, charity. Bilib na jud ko nimo. Indeed, we must make a difference in the lives of others. We must dedicate to a cause greater that ourselves. Padayon!

Fr. Edward

fr. edward said...

Dong, padayon sa imo gibuhat. We need men and women who will stand up stubbornly for justice, truth, charity. Bilib na jud ko nimo. Indeed, we must make a difference in the lives of others. We must dedicate to a cause greater than ourselves. Padayon!

Fr. Dongdong Estafia/ said...

Salamat Ed, ikaw aho idol, hehehe!

g-jaw said...

Fr. D! I saw the unconsumed tickets of the jeduthun concert in my folder as I got some person al documents to fill-up, so I am able to browse at this blogspot.

My two thumbs up! Indeed you’re really making a difference to others’ lives with this noble cause: A beacon of hope to the “financially incapacitated”. You truly helped them carved their destiny and their dreams to come true. May you find joy in what you are doing now as others find it in you. Thanks to the few people like you.

FeOli said...
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